Food prices are up 25% in the last 2 years.

You’re Not Alone. If You Need Food & Resources Now, We Can Help.

Our NourishLink initiative tackles the underlying issues of hunger by collaborating with donors, businesses, and local allies to fund and deliver food directly to the doorstep of families facing food insecurity.

Addressing hunger is a multifaceted challenge.

Recognizing its complexity, we are committed to approaching this issue comprehensively. Our initiatives include enhancing the availability of nutritious food, bolstering economic stability, and advocating for policies that facilitate access to essential nourishment. We are proud members of a broad network comprising food banks, food pantries, and local community organizations across the United States. Together, we aspire to build a future where hunger is eradicated for everyone.



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Ensuring that every individual can access essential nourishment with dignity and respect is our mission. We are a vital component of a nationwide coalition comprising food banks and meal programs, where individuals can obtain sustenance without facing prejudice or social stigma.



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Promoting policies aimed at enhancing food security on a universal scale, we collaborate with legislators to streamline the process of obtaining sustenance through the expansion of food assistance programs, ensuring greater accessibility for all.



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Collaborating to tackle the underlying factors contributing to food insecurity, such as the exorbitant cost of living and the scarcity of affordable housing options. Our commitment goes beyond simply providing food, as we join forces with various organizations to empower individuals and communities, enabling them to flourish in the face of hunger.

Sobering Facts

Hunger in America

Nutritious sustenance is essential for everyone’s well-being. Despite diligent efforts by individuals striving to support themselves and their loved ones, a staggering 49 million individuals, equating to one in six Americans, sought assistance from charitable organizations like F.E.F.R. to meet their nutritional needs.


NourishLink operates as a food delivery model that places its focus on both fundraising and food distribution. Through our user-friendly online platform, we strive to provide nourishment to individuals within economically challenged communities. With a national presence, we strategically distribute food to specific regions across the country while collaborating with our network of partners to identify and address the root causes of hunger.

Volunteer Projects

Our Pack Projects are vibrant and engaging meal packaging events that empower volunteers to make a tangible impact in the battle against food insecurity. Accompanied by lively music, teams come together to package nutritious meals destined for families in need.

Disaster Assistance

In times of natural disasters, communities unite to rebuild and offer immediate assistance to those most affected. Our disaster relief meal kits include essential food items to sustain individuals facing dire circumstances, offering vital support during their time of need.

Data Analytics

We are committed to promoting the overall health and well-being of vulnerable populations through data-driven solutions. This signifies a comprehensive shift in how our organization defines its mission. We are resolute in our dedication to addressing systemic issues in a more structured manner, with the ultimate goal of generating a greater social impact for the communities we serve.

Making an Impact

Creating Meaningful, Sustainable Change

We champion creativity, the nourishing power of good food, and unwavering support for one another throughout our journey. We firmly believe that hope is a vital component in our quest to eradicate  hunger. Together, we are making a substantial contribution to alleviating the hunger crisis affecting millions in the USA. At Family Emergency Food Relief, we consider ourselves a closely-knit family, and making a positive national impact is not just a job; it’s our daily mission. With boundless possibilities ahead, let’s join forces to reshape our world for the better.

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