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How You Can Help

Every week, we offer numerous hands-on volunteering positions aimed at delivering food assistance to those in need. This includes tasks like assembling food packages, distributing groceries, or preparing wholesome, ready-to-microwave meals. It’s a chance to engage directly with quality food and make a meaningful impact in the lives of people who require this support!

Who Can Donate?

We welcome a variety of non-plated food items that are handled according to standard food safety guidelines. This includes groceries, fruits and vegetables, individually wrapped sandwiches and salads, and other prepared foods that have been properly cooled to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. We request that you only donate food that meets the quality standards you would serve to your own clients.









Food Packing Events

Food packaging events offer an exciting, dynamic, and interactive team-building experience, enabling volunteers to contribute actively in the battle against hunger. These events present a perfect opportunity for your friends or colleagues to work together in assembling tasty meals for families in need, both globally and within our local community.

We Need Your Help!

Why Should I Donate?

One out of every five adults struggles with food insecurity. Concurrently, businesses across the state discard thousands of pounds of nutritious, consumable food daily. When you choose to donate surplus food, you’re not only aiding the environment but also guaranteeing that more individuals have the opportunity to eat healthy meals.

Moreover, opting to donate your extra food instead of disposing of it in compost or landfills can reduce your waste removal expenses, and you might qualify for tax benefits.

Our Volunteers

We are dedicated to offering a unique volunteer experience that stands out from the rest. In this environment, individuals from various backgrounds unite, forming cohesive teams with a shared mission: to combat hunger. This commitment involves creating a space where volunteers can connect, collaborate, and contribute effectively towards a common goal. Our focus is on fostering a sense of community and teamwork, encouraging each participant to bring their strengths to the table.

Our Process

Our assembly line approach is streamlined, enjoyable, and well-structured, making it an ideal solution for uniting various groups. This model is excellently suited for businesses, educational institutions like schools and universities, faith-based organizations, and other community groups, providing a seamless and engaging way to collaborate and participate.

Our Results

This initiative goes beyond simply satisfying the immediate hunger of a child or their family; it’s about the subsequent impact. Volunteers are given the opportunity to create a real change, transforming narratives either within their own community or globally.

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