Assess. Engage. Dispatch.

Assessing the food insecurity of individuals and communities…

Once identified, we engage in a collective effort with our partners to conduct surveys among those seeking assistance, commencing the process by dispatching a food package to the recipients.

🤝 Corporate Partnerships

Our innovative virtual food pantry model empowers corporate and community partners to extend a helping hand to those facing hardships, ensuring that their needs are met with respect and confidentiality. Collaboratively, we address the underlying causes of hunger within our communities, and discreetly deliver Full Cart boxes to identified households.

  • Create a platform where individuals can request food assistance funded by your organization.
  • Establish a platform for individuals to actively participate in our mission by organizing virtual food drives.
  • Every dollar raised contributes directly to sponsoring a food box for individual households in need.

❤️ Individual Volunteers

We provide lively, energetic, and interactive meal packaging events that empower volunteers to create a meaningful impact in the battle against hunger. Teams collaborate to assemble nutritious meals for both national and local families facing food insecurity. We’re also looking for a few tech-savvy individuals to help us manually review/audit assistance requests.

  • Feel empowered to make a tangible difference that can be measured by the number of families fed and meals served.
  • Host a packaging event at a local community center and bring your friends and family!
  • Choose a schedule that suits your volunteer availability and unique skills/ideas/priorities. We’re always looking for feedback!

NourishLink: An AI-Powered Virtual Food Bank

NourishLink Program Partnerships

Our NourishLink initiative stands as the pioneering AI-Powered Virtual Food Bank in the United States. Through our platform, we establish collaborative partnerships with essential community organizations, ensuring the provision of nourishment while upholding dignity and confidentiality.

We seamlessly connect individuals in need of food assistance with organizations that offer comprehensive solutions also encompassing access to housing, education, healthcare, and financial stability.

A Staggering Number of People Across the US Suffer from Food Insecurity.

AI can be the solution to this problem by improving the conversation with those in hunger, and the interconnected organizations supporting them.

We must ensure that food deserts across America are receiving more than minimal sustenance by harnessing the power of neural networks in the fight to end hunger and malnutrition.

How it Works



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The NourishLink web portal and mobile app (coming soon) are available to anyone in the US in need of food assistance. Getting started is as simple as answering a brief questionnaire.



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The NourishLink platform uses pattern recognition and comparative data models to triage the most urgent requests, and match assistance applications with available food resources.



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Next-day food delivery from local or warehoused resources depending on availability and accessibility considerations. Volunteer packaging, distribution, and inspection of donated food.

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